2010-04-06 13:45:21

Public opinion at this moment would hold of little consequence the unsullied devotion of the great majority of priests and religious men and women in comparison to the perversions of a few, a small minority.

Ironically this very fact renders homage indirectly to the Church because it demands a perfection of the clergy which we do not demand of ourselves. However, sadly, it is not homage which members of the clergy are feeling, it is outrage. Many feel only a red branding iron because of these terrible acts and are now even afraid to approach a child. Poor humans as we are, if we have to carry a stigma for crimes perpetrated by our brothers and sisters. This unfolding hate against the representatives of the Catholic Church is clearly an exaggeration. All of this tainting is done in the context of all sorts of perversions such as sexual tourism which involves children as well as adults who get away with immunity.

The time has come for the pendulum to swing back and to render our thanks to the great majority of the clergy for their generosity. This is not a question of faith, this is not a question of loyalty to the Catholic Church, nor is it a question simply of solidarity between Christians. This is a question of justice, a simple showing of human solidarity. If we tolerate today that innocent representatives of the Church are tainted with infamy, who will be the next innocent ones to be so tainted?

For this reason on this Easter Day 2010, we of the Parish of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary in North Hatley give solemn witness to our priests and religious men and women in the hope that in justice all religious men and women in the world of whatever faith will be valued.

Traduction: Hugh Gwyn

Jacques Dufresne is the editor of  L'Encyclopédie de L'Agora. He founded the journal Critère, was columnist at  La Presse durging eight years and Le Devoir  during seven year. He organised  many colloquiums and public debates of some importance. [Read more ...]


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